So Close No Matter How Far
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So Close No Matter How Far

Wherever you are he is close to you, whenever you are he is near to you God is always so close no matter how far you are.

The idea of Moez Masoud to have a show on the local European service of radio cairo discussing islamic spiritual topics and for keeping the link with the listeners.

The show is presented by Moez Masoud and Yomna Samaha every Monday 10:00 PM Cairo Time on FM 95.4.


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DVD Featuring Moez Masoud, So Close No Matter How Far

You can discuss the topics of the show in The So Close No Matter How Far Zone in SlangOnline Forum

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Every Monday 10:00 PM Radio Cairo FM 95.4
Sherif Mahmoud
02 - 5789407
02 - 5787120
02 - 5757155
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